My Story - Hoxton Blocks

A Letter From The Blocks

Everyone has a story. This is mine.

My paternal grandfather was born in Hoxton, East London in 1929 and was evacuated during WW2 to a farm in Leighton Buzzard, eventually finding his way back to his family after the war who had relocated out to Luton, Bedfordshire. Being the centre of the hat making industry in the UK and with his education cut short with very little choice of job he found himself working as a hat blocker, as did his own father. He spent most of his working life making hats until the decline of the industry forced him out. During this time, to keep it in the family his mother worked as a seamstress regularly taking in work at home to make ends meet. All that history has been left behind with their passing until now.

In todays world the choices of career are very different but I decided to find a way back to part of my roots and look to honour my family’s struggling past by returning to the hat industry. To achieve that I have created Hoxton Blocks. Every member of my past family has their own story and not to forget them each design of hat is named after one of them. I hope its expresses their individual personality, as best I know it. If my own determination to make this project a success is measured against their own struggle to make something of themselves, the outcome can only be a spectacular result. Thank you for joining me on that journey if you have bought one of my hats.

Harry ‘Hoxton’